Small Business in a Big World

November 4, 2008

3G: A Goal to Go Global

Who business owner wouldn’t want their business to go global? Well, if not for you, definitely a ‘Yes’ for me. This is why I’ve been searching for some helpful information about my small business goal of being global.  First, our goal is how we should do it, so here’s the post about – How to take your Small Business Global.

And bonus from above’s search, I found this also from the same Globalpreneur blog the tips in building global bonds with your customers.

  1. Your customers are your business
  2. Keep in touch with your customers
  3. Satisfy your customer
  4. Deliver on your promises
  5. Go beyond expectations
  6. Involve your customer
  7. Become your customer’s partner
  8. Exchange information with your customer
  9. Arrange introductions for your customer
  10. Build interdependency with your customer


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