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August 1, 2011

Business Branding and Employee Retention

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[tweetmeme source=”LilBizBigWorld” only_single=false] Being a CEO, manager or supervisor means more than just the title. It means that you have the competence, the skill and the passion to put your employees and the business needs above your own. Leadership after all is more than delegating tasks and paying employees on time. If you are focused on being customer-centric and how to improve your brand, then you should also be focused on employee retention as well.

There are many branding strategies and frankly when you google it, you’d see about 2 million results on what it is, why it is important and the like. You might also be interested to know that if you search for employee retention strategies, there are over a million results. The question is, how can ensuring your employees are happy and content working for you be related to business branding?

As we all know, branding is more than just a business logo or sign. It’s about having a great marketing strategy so that you would be top of mind to your customers. But it isn’t just your customers that you should be worried about. Your brand is related to your reputation and your reputation extends to how your employees (past and present) talk about you and whether they are motivated enough to stay, not just because they don’t have a choice (no one else is hiring) but because even though the pay isn’t all that much, they feel that they have loyalty towards the company and towards you.

Back when I was looking for a job (and hoping to land a career), I was asked by my former employer: “what would make you stay in the company?” I didn’t skip a beat when I told him that even though money is important (I’m not a hypocrite), there are things that I need to factor in. Like do I treat my employer like family and do they treat me in fairly the same way? Do I practically loathe going to work already or do I find myself excited about seeing my colleagues? Employees are often underappreciated and it’s about time that apart from busying yourself with how your customers perceive your business, you also need to think whether those in your own backyard (your employees) have the same opinions with your customers.


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