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April 19, 2011

When Your Small Business Needs Rebranding

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[tweetmeme source=”LilBizBigWorld” only_single=false]Rebranding is about marketing and distributing a certain product with a different identity. One might think this is a solution to a failing business. Rebranding has its merits but when is this the best solution for small businesses? Or to put it simply, is rebranding a smart move or would it just cause confusion and possible alienation from those already familiar with the brand?

When rebranding a business, there are radical changes to be made to overhaul the brand. It may be a change to the logo, brand name, image, marketing strategy, themes, target market and so on. When you are just fairly new in the business industry, just because you haven’t caught a break yet does not mean that you have to make drastic changes. Establishing a brand takes time and rebranding does not and would not give you instant results. If you have been seen by the public and it has been years since you first started out but people still can’t seem to recognize your brand, then it’s time for you to rethink why your current branding efforts aren’t working and how you could improve it.

One other thing is if your business goals have changed and you find that your brand does not include your newly laid out plans, then rebranding may be the right thing to do.

Before you completely change the image of your business, you have to consider some factors such as timing, costs, strategies and above all, its relevance to your business.



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