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September 30, 2010

Building Better Business Relationships and Keeping Them

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[tweetmeme source=”LilBizBigWorld” only_single=false] Business relationships are a lot like personal relationships. It takes hard work, perseverance and patience to get results. There are a lot of businesses offering new products and services everyday. In fact, when you log in to Twitter, most of the tweets you’d get is about either what they did during the day or what people are promoting.

As an entrepreneur, you’d get excited if you see that your website is getting more hits everyday. But the question is: how do you turn those hits into income?

Marketing your business is just the basic step. The next most important part is building a business relationship. Let’s say there are 200 hits on your website today because of your marketing efforts. Thing is, 9 times out of 10, those hits were generated because you hit the right buttons in getting people’s interests. And that is the general idea of business marketing. However, if you want to generate more income, you should not only stop there.

The first step is to ensure that the products and services you offer in your small business are not only interesting but that they are also filling a need. So what you need to do is drive your marketing efforts to the target market of your business. After you’ve done so, ensure that you have great customer service. Customer service management does not only mean having a person to talk to if there’s already a problem. It also means relating to potential customers.

Think of it this way, you do not only contact your friends when you need them, do you? No. You ask them how their day is, contacting them regularly (without bordering on stalking, that is!) and giving them updates about how you are doing. That kind of practice would be beneficial to your small business. It tells people that you are not only interested in making a sale, but you’re trying to genuinely reach out and engage with them. And that is going to be your edge, that is why your customers will come back for more.


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