Small Business in a Big World

January 5, 2010

Customer Service Tips for Small Business

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One advantage of small business over big business is the ability to focus more on customer service. The following are the things that you must consider to develop your customer service:

1. Prioritize your customers

Oftentimes, we are too busy with paperworks that we tend to neglect attending to our customers. Do not let your customers wait because you are doing something. Paperworks can wait, but your customers cannot. Paperrworks will stay if you are not going to attend with it for a while, but customers might go away if you will neglect them for just a while. Pay immediate attention to your customers. Leave everything what you are doing and prioritize your customers.

2. Be nice despite being busy

Sure thing, we always would like to see our employees busy doing their tasks. Being busy means being productive. However, it must be noted that being busy should not affect being nice to the customers. Sometimes, the tasks are so overwhelming that we tend to be out of ourselves when dealing with customers. It should not be the case because customers do not care if you are busy or not. They are always after on how you deal with them. So being busy is not an excuse not to be nice with the customers.

3.Be friendly to everybody

Sometimes, we tend to give special attention to customers who have a position. If he is a manager, a supervisor, or somebody in the position, they will surely get a VIP treatment. But if a customer is just wearing a simple shirt and pants, we tend to treat them the other way around. A good customer service should serve everybody equally. You should always deliver the same great service to everyone.

A great customer service will make you a great small business.


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