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November 12, 2009

Towards Quality Small Business

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Quality of business is oftentimes neglected with some Small Businesses. For the past years, the quality is one of the major considerations when it comes to business operation. However, small businesses of today do not give importance to quality anymore.

Small business owners should invest on the concept of quality business. Having a quality business will qualify them to be more competitive, will help them reduce the cost and most of all will develop efficient business operation. Creating quality business means eliminating the manual, disorganized and disjointed process.

It is still important for small businesses to spend time to analyze the business process. Learn how to optimize in such a way that it will generate quality business. Always seek tools and technical accessory that will help your business transform the plans into successful reality.



  1. I think that quality is so important!

    I think what happens is that some folks try to cut corners and create a quality product they once did with inferior materials.

    I know that we had a local bakery at one time that was one of the best places that I had donuts from. They tried to use less quality ingrediants that seriously hurt their business!

    They learned their lesson and went back to the way they used to do things. It hurt them so bad that it took a long time to get folks back. I consulted them to help them get it back up and running…it took a long time to earn that trust back…..cutting corners looks attractive…but will it be worth it.

    On the flip side there are many small business owners that work hard in their business and this is their livelihood! They use the best becaus they want to be the best.

    I work with a lot of these small business owners that balance these thoughts everyday. Keep qulaity or go cheap.

    Jeremy Stouffer
    Competitive Edge Consulting and Business Solutions

    Comment by Jeremy Stouffer — February 27, 2010 @ 4:41 am | Reply

  2. Jeremy, this is very true. I know that in the fence business this is especially true. Many companies are cutting corners by using cheaper materials that are not as high quality and as a result are able to provide installation at a much lower price. This can only hurt them in the long run though as word of mouth spreads that the fences they install are not of good quality. I would much rather use a higher quality, more durable fence material and have the price slightly higher as long as my customers know they are getting a better quality fence.

    Mike Spallone

    Comment by mikespallone — March 28, 2010 @ 6:02 pm | Reply

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