Small Business in a Big World

October 9, 2009

Building Foundation of Small Business on Values

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The core for business success is values. When we say values, we are actually referring to the things that matters most. What really is important for you and your business? The obvious answer is money. In the first place, this is the main reason why you are starting a business. But there must be something that you need to consider beyond money. Think again and evaluate if it is really money that gives you happiness. Put an emotion toward it and search for more answers. What really are the values that you need to implement to your business? You might bump to some ideas such as security perhaps, or acknowledgment, fulfillment, freedom, or prestige. Whatever is the answer to that question, if you put your emotions and your feelings, then those are your values. It is not necessarily money as it is only a tool to get those values.

Structure your business in such a way that it will support your values. The decision is all yours, from what work to do, who will do it and how are you going to operate it. Know your values so that you can navigate your business in such a way that it will always resemble with your values. If your business and your values are in conflict with each other, then this will create an unpleasant atmosphere. Create a business that will honor your values.


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