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October 1, 2009

Converting Prospects to Clients

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It is often frustrating to convert prospects to clients. Sometimes, the process seems to take forever. You found a prospect client, then you arrange a meeting with your prospect, make a sales presentation or initial consultation at no charge, then you follow up and still struggling to close the sales. The time range between the first meeting and closing of sales might be months to years.

You should be careful in converting your prospects. You know that this activity will require you to follow your prospects all the time, and constantly doing this may annoy your prospect. You must ensure that you will not appear as nuisance to your prospect, otherwise you are far from the possibility of closing the sales. You should build the trust of your prospects and be sensitive enough with your action

Treat your prospects as if they were already your clients. That is the best way of starting a business relationship with your business. Treat every meeting as if you were already working with them; introduce them to people who can help them to achieve their goals. Make them feel that they are already your clients at no cost.

Listening is also a powerful key to convert your prospects to clients. If your prospects found you interested in listening to their problems, you can build their trust and eventually become your paying customers. Recommend a solution to their problem, give advice and suggestions. The recommendation to resolve their problems may include your products and services. Remember to give also another alternative solution aside from your products and services.

It might be simple but it can give dramatic impact to your small business. Your prospects will not treat you as salesperson or vendor, but rather a mentor or somebody to lean on to. Converting prospects to clients should not always a struggle. You can take this an opportunity not only to gain customers but also to gain friends.


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