Small Business in a Big World

September 30, 2009

The Fundamentals of Small Business

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Starting a small business may overwhelm the entrepreneurs because it comprises a broad area of challenges. Every step you make should be well counted and challenges never seem to end. The main reason why some business owners cannot make it to survive the challenges is because they missed the fundamentals in small business. We should always go back to the basics because this is where our business is being attached. Sometimes, the basics are very obvious but business owners tend to overlook on this. The fundamentals element may not be that exciting or something flashy but these simple steps may help you build a professional and credible company.

The first fundamental of small business is the business cards. Business cards are maybe obsolete when in compared to the glitz and glamour of websites and other techy-marketing campaign. For some, business cards are still essential because it is an inexpensive way of promoting your business. Some of your prospects may sometimes found it useless to keep your business card, but with creative and interactive campaign you can add value to your business cards that would make your prospects keep it. You can add special coupon or special offer on the back of your cards to leverage its value.

Another fundamental of small business which we often disregard is a toll free number; this is very effective especially if your market is broad. Clients expect the company to always provide them a tool free numbers. Remember that you are not alone in the business, a slight inconvenience may drive your customers away from your business. Simple as it is, a toll free numbers should always be made available so that your customers can contact you anytime in an easy and convenient way.

We also cannot eliminate the use of website. It is not necessarily a colorful and expensive website. You can create a simple but professional looking website. A website is not only useful for internet business but it is also useful for small business. This is another inexpensive way of finding new customers online. The website should contain your contact information, services and any special offers.

A voice messaging prompt is also essential for your business. You must be careful in the setup because incorrect message may just confuse your potential customers. A regular checkup must be made to insure that the voice prompt is giving the correct information.

Paying attention to small details will greatly help you in small ways. It’s the little things that go far in creating a successful business image.


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  1. Nice informative article. In modern times, social networking such as twitter and facebook are important key tools not to overlook as a small business owner. These free tools are great ways to get your product or service to a wide base of viewers and potential customers.

    Comment by mikespallone — March 28, 2010 @ 5:58 pm | Reply

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