Small Business in a Big World

September 24, 2009

Start Small

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A business running in a small scale is generally referred to as a small business. A small business employs less than a hundred employees, offered limited products and services and perhaps limited customers.

As much as you want to appear big time, it is always necessary to start small. Starting a big business may bring in more revenue, it is always advisable to start small and slow. No matter how expert you are, you must always start small. This is to cater to the abrupt changes that may occur in the market. It is easier to navigate a small business according to the market’s need than it is for large business. Starting in a small scale will give opportunity to the owner to enjoy their independence in making decisions. For starters, the first few months of operation are still under observation. This is still a study period wherein business owner should consider if the status of the business in the market. Change is essential, every now and then you might be required to detour and take another route. That is not a problem when you are just handling a small business. It is very flexible to any changes and you can always rephrase your plan without affecting the business operation. Decision making and changes is not a big deal for small business. This is not possible for medium and large business. Also, in small business, entrepreneurs can maintain a close and more personal relationship with the clients. While the business is small, this is a good opportunity to establish connection and gain the customer’s loyalty.

All big business starts from being small. Do not aspire to become an instant big time. You need to do your homework why you’re still small. Do not focus on the next level, but focus on what you can do while you are on that level. Whatever actions you made while you’re still small will totally affect your business’ progress.


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