Small Business in a Big World

September 15, 2009

Proper Goal Setting & Attitude To Overwin Giants

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Oftentimes, when you are into small business, you feel like being intimidated by giant businesses. We are stocked with the idea that you need to be an experience entrepreneurs just to survive. We should not be fooled by the size. Big business should not always mean better business. Competition will not determine the size of the business; it can be either small business against small business, big business against big business or even big business against small business. You might think it’s an unfair match but small business can actually win against larger one. They just need to focus on their strength and strategies.

Small businesses just need to focus on their forte; they should find their specialties and their strength. It is also important to create an outstanding customer service. Bigger business cannot provide personalized attention due to their wide scope, so as a small business you have the opportunity to pay attention to customer service. After all, it’s the customer that you would like to please. You should focus also on a long term relationship. While big business finds it difficult to create a long term relationship, small business can do it easily. This is because big business is all about organization while small business is all about people. Another advantage of small businesses is they can retain a much higher percentage of employees. Because of this, they won’t be spending that much with the training cost and can offer better service.

Finally, your main weapon against the giants is your unique ability to give quality services. Small businesses can have a direct link to their employees, it is easy to interface with the employees and you can easily monitor how your employees interact with customers. This is indeed an advantage because you can hear your expectations directly from them. For a battle between a giant and the diminutive, it is not always the giant who wins. Winning a battle is not dependent on the size, but with the right attitude to utilize the available strength.

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