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September 2, 2009

Social Media As The Ultimate Equalizer

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When we meet someone via social media, we are forced to evaluate them based on how they interact with us on-line. In short, we focus on what they say and how they say it. Things like race, gender, sexual orientation and religion aren’t part of the equation because we are too busy reacting to the person’s virtual persona. This means that ANYONE can develop a style that gains the respect of others.  If you can articulate your thoughts in a compelling and intelligent manner, you’ll connect with people on-line.  In fact, your particular style will attract a like-minded set of peers. I can attest to this. I’ve been actively using social media for several years and can say that I have more than a dozen close colleagues that I’ve NEVER MET. These are people that I now e-mail for advice and even trust with helping me make professional decisions. I’ve also collaborated successfully with several of them and have found our ability to work together in a virtual capacity effortless. I recently stepped back and took a closer look at these individuals and realized that if we had all been put in a room together prior to getting to know each other online, we probably wouldn’t have tried to connect with one other. Our ages and interests vary widely.  And yet, now that I’ve come to know them, I honestly can’t wait for the day when we finally meet in-person.

The above is quoted from Careerealism written by J.T. O’Donnell and I couldn’t agree more. There’s a lot more you can learn from this post. You should check it out as well.


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