Small Business in a Big World

March 13, 2009

Our Business Goal for Today is to Fall in Love

Our business goal for today is to fall in love.  Well, you might be wondering why do I ever thought of falling in love as our business goal? Simply because I believe it is the most effective way we can get going through all these tough times.

So how can we show love to our business? I found a helpful article written by Angela Shupe.  Read it below.


You should always listen to your customers. Without them, your business wouldn’t exist.


Keep your eye on what is going on around you. If something is lacking within your niche, go the extra mile to offer it. You’ll stand out from the rest if you do. If your competition is launching something new, be aware. You can’t compete unless you know what is going on and do something about it.


Everything has it’s own value. How much value you place in your business might be that fine line between success and failure. If you value your employees, the customers who buy from you, and the work it takes for you to succeed, then you can say you’ve done your best.

Exist Within The Community.

While I might be stretching this letter a bit, it’s for a good reason. If you want to succeed within a community, give back to it. They are the people who support you. Sponsor a little league team, purchase advertising in local spaces, or just simply donate to the local school. If you’re benefiting from the generosity of others in the community, it only makes sense to show them you appreciate it.


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