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February 24, 2009

Do you have the guts to ask?

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According to Arthur from SmallBizNumbers in his post —The Golden Rule to Establishing Business Credit:

The first golden rule to establishing business credit lines is to ask for them. If you don’t ask, no one is going to come over and say “hey, here have some credit”.

The same goes with starting your business. An aspiring entrepreneur must have the guts of asking themselves what their business goals are and to where they want their business will be in the future. I just realized that this skill of asking is one very important thing considering that this is the first thing that people even do in their everyday life.

Business enthusiasts are not exempted from that. When you are planning to start your business, one must ASK themselves in order to lay down their business goals. It may sound like a very simple task but it’s not actually simple as it seems to be.

Imagine, how many people have lost their track because they failed to establish clear business goals? The answer: A LOT OF THEM! So, what’s the reason behind that? Well the reason is simple yet deep — they didn’t ask!

Now how in the world does NOT asking will lead to failure? Simply because the moment you ASK , is the moment you ACCEPT the responsibilities and challenges that comes with it.


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