Small Business in a Big World

November 12, 2008

Tips to Bring Focus

One very important skill that we should set our goals in is — Staying Focused. Gladly, I found again a valuable article written by Zane Safrit which gives us extensive details of tips on how to stay focus in our lives — in business!

There are 19 Tips To Bring Focus which Zane personally confessed that:

Confession: Some of these I do very regularly, some pretty often. Some are on lists of others and after I read those others’ lists, I realized I was doing them, too. (Pretty cool.)  These aren’t exclusive to me. They’re just what I realized work for me, when I do them.

And my favorite tip that I think I should set a goal to accomplish it is:

3. Go to bed early. Seriously. It’s a marathon we’re running here, people. A rested mind and body are a clear and energetic and positive and consistent pair of tools to work with. All other tools effectiveness depends on these two working together. They work better, and better together, when rested.

I honestly, don’t go to bed early and as a matter of fact, my brain is even more active during those wee hours. Anyway, I understand Zane’s concern on this and I believe I must strive to accomplish this tip too.

Check out the other 18 tips on Zane’s article over Small Business Trends.

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