Small Business in a Big World

October 13, 2008

Top Small Workplaces 2008

The Wall Street Journal recently released their Top Small Workplaces for 2008.

It’s never been harder to create a great workplace. With all the turbulence in the economy, business owners are spending more time trying to boost sales and cut costs than fretting about the well-being of their employees.

But creating a rewarding work environment has also never been more important.

Motivating and engaging workers — and giving them opportunities for professional growth — helps a business retain the best people and ultimately boost the bottom line. And don’t forget, we’re in a changing working world. New generations of workers expect their boss to respect their input and their need for work-life balance. They also want their employer to act socially responsible in the marketplace.

So, what companies are best at delivering all of that? For the second year in a row, The Wall Street Journal teamed up with Winning Workplaces, an Evanston, Ill., nonprofit that helps small and midsize companies create better work environments, to identify 15 small employers that have built exemplary workplaces.

These companies tend to offer generous traditional and nontraditional benefits, share profits with employees and constantly hunt for new ways to make the employee experience better.

If you’re still skeptical about whether such practices are worth it, look no further than these companies. They’re more than great employers; they’re also profitable, growing enterprises — even in this difficult economy.

Check out and have a look at the Top Small Workplaces 2008 in Kelly Spors’ article in Wall Street Journal.


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