Small Business in a Big World

August 18, 2008

To Do In Small Business Start Up

Many of today’s very successful business magnates started small, and not too long ago. Companies such as Microsoft, WalMart, Intel, and many others achieved global leadership within their founders’ lifetimes. And we are not even talking about Google, which has achieved global leadership in web search and its founders are just in their early thirties.

So what were the reasons that catapulted these small companies, many of them begun in garages, to achieve global domination, and what are the lessons other small businesses learn from them.

Well first and foremost is defining goals for your business.  This is the phase where we should begin. It now took me days to brainstorm with trusted sources (friends) on what should be the goals for my business. And I tell you, it isn’t that easy. Until now, I have the general idea but still digging it deeper to be specific.


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